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"Texas U.S. House Aides Tamper with Reps' Shitty Image Via Wikipedia"

Last month I wrote a post about a couple of 'clowns' we hope get the boot during next year's mid-terms. Once these dudes start acting up or in Ralph Hall's defense, not act at all, they'll just keep doing it again and again. Well, a recent article from the Dallas Morning News spotlights those same clowns where they're staffers are apparently cleaning up Wikipedia articles that show their scandals and failings.

Now, people who have an 'axe to grind' with Wikipedia, will say anything to downplay it's power but I give people a little more credit in that they know how to use Wikipedia to conduct research. This act however is just proof that there's no contender in their district, or that their voters are so disconnected and kept 'in the dumb' that all they need to do is manipulate some articles to keep the vote in their favor.

It's just like Dignam said in 'The Departed', "... are like mushrooms, feed them shit and keep the…

"Navajo Nation See First Signs Of Federal Aid In Almost 50 Years"

RODEO CLOWN ROUNDUP! "A Brief Review Of Recent Incumbant Embarrassments and The Candidates Who Need To Replace Them"

With all the commotion and fuss among the Republican party with the recent 'unpopular' re-election wins in New Jersey, New York and Virginia follows a chain reaction throughout the Republican party. It almost seems like the perfect distraction away from other events that have taken place in Texas politics over these last few months.
Yes, Abbott and Davis are in the spot light but we want to look at some of the U.S. House incumbents from Texas who have been responsible for the recent government shut down and how unflinching they are when they take advantage of ignorance of vulnerable voters who don't have the ability to fact check any of the information they're fed.
It's so ridiculous, you would think that some of our incumbents either believe their own shit or know they have an easy win for re-election with no candidate to challenge them.
We've had to endure one event after another of Republicans who still do and say anything to oppose the President rega…

Site Update!!!

Okay y'all. Looks like there is already a place that has up-to-date information about all candidates running for Texas seats and positions at this site. Our post with the information will have links to each report we post on them as we gather more information throughout the year. We'll therefore be creating separate pages for each candidate to better organize the reports.

"Why the United States is sick of Israel's crap"

In light of all the Middle Eastern hubbub, here's my take on our stance with Israel.

Today's Texas Political Forecast Calls For: secession, deportation...and deepthroating corndogs.

There's a saying that we've all heard:  that what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Now, I've never actually *been* to Vegas; the majority of my knowledge of Vegas comes from true crime novels and episodes of CSI, so I always assumed that had something to  do with murder, or doing cocaine with mobsters and strippers.
I suppose I could be wrong - it could quite possibly have less to do with murder; I am not totally sure (though I think I'm dead on with the rest.)
There's also a saying here in Texas...shit, there are lots of sayings here in Texas, and now that I think of them, they don't have anything to do with the Vegas one. So, I am not really sure where I was going with that.
In any case, what happens here...well, it's pretty obvious that shit doesn't stay here. Google anything related to Texas these days, and you'll no doubt come across a slew of articles and such, all more or less in the same vein: Texans are dumb, their politicians are crazy …

"Texas Libertarian Candidate & Texas Immigration Reform"

After the historic shut down that recently took place, all of the talking heads started predicting the next stand-off. What's the next legislative 'obstacle course' these politicians are gonna drag us through now? Everyone weighed in that it would be immigration.
As predicted -- it's the 'bitch of the bunch'.
It looks like the Democrats want to vote on immigration reform before the end of the year, but again, Republicans want to 'walk' the process by enforcing different parts of a separate bill piece-by-piece while the Democrats wants pass their entire chunk. As of this writing, three Republicans have sided with the Democrats.
Obviously, Texas being a border state is definitely making this the main topic for the upcoming election and everyone's moving quickly to fight against or for immigration reform.
One group of activists referred to as Stop The Magnet (STM) have been busy demanding that the law be enforced to keep 'the illegals' o…

Texas Mid-Term Election Candidates For 2014

The abortion bill that was presented to the Texas state senate this year, brought a lot of attention to the politics of this great state. Not only did Wendy Davis become a overnight sensation, she also shed some light on the fact that this state manufactures most of the conservative base that wields a lot of power in Washington politics.
The American people are simply too frustrated with the Republican party and many Texas citizens are ready for a complete overhaul of the state that manufactures the Republican brand for a party which represents centralist ideals or at the very least a government that represents the needs of the people.
At this point, we want to provide as much coverage on the Republican opposition that the news ignores so that people can be informed of those other parties which also represent those Texans and their rights for the 2014 mid-term election.
So without further delay, let's look at the candidates. As I expected, there are more Republicans in the elec…