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Affordable Care Act Repeal Delay Hides GOP 'Martial Law' Effort to Pass

After seven years of Republicans trying to defeat the Affordable Care Act, their opportunity to immediately repeal the law was delayed by their own faction of right-wing extremists within their own body on Thursday.

According to The Washington Post -- one of many media outlets reporting from Capitol Hill -- delaying the repeal of the Affordable Care Act was a confrontation that Republicans made by themselves.
Those extremist right-wing elements in the party reportedly feel pressured by their constituents to cut a better deal. But it's not very clear to many Americans that with Republicans messing with the Affordable Care Act, that they're going to help "improve" it.

The Post's report on the "embarrassment" says that earlier in the week, House leaders were making some last minute adjustments to pass the bill, but they weren't adjustments that would improve the bill itself but rather to improve ways they could pass it.

This is further detailed in a report by Daily KOS:

Republicans are, literally, trying to impose what's called "martial law." They're trying to override the rule that legislation has to have at least one day between introduction and a vote on the floor, so that whenever they get the agreement between the Freedom Caucus and Trump inked legislative language it can go straight to the floor. That means that there will be no score from the Congressional Budget Office. There will be no hearings. There will be no mark-ups. And what they are talking about doing could have truly radical consequences.

In reference to The Post article, it said that moderate and hardline conservatives were marching back and forth between Capitol Hill and the White House on Thursday trying and cut some deal, but the same media source questioned "President" Trump's negotiating abilities with theit failure to pass their bill on time.

What also can't be ignored is the fact that Republicans have had a hard time getting their way over the past several years under the Obama administration, so this set back is no different.

However, they've also been persistant and have no shame or moral compass in their efforts, which guarantees that they will try to repeal and replace the ACA every which way they can until they do.

Here is a thorough report by PBS Newshour.

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